If you’re struggling to convert your traffic – you need to read this

Guys, you know that I’d never promote anything on here that I didn’t trust – or anything that I hadn’t tested out myself. So please do trust me when I say that this is the best tool I’ve ever found online.


This article contains affiliate links. By clicking on the link and deciding to buy this book, I will receive a small commision. My commision does not impact the price.  Know that I have tested and approve this book and that you are supporting upcomingdad.com by purchasing this book

I’ve been struggling with the Upcoming Dad side of things since the end of November. I started my new job at the beginning of December, Baby Ezra’s health started to move up and down, and the tiredness that every new dad had started to settle in. So I stepped back and began to focus on my 9-5 job and making sure that we had food on the table.

But I’ve found that, since the turn of the year, that I’ve been unhappy with the concept of only working a 9-5. I want financial freedom, and I want to continue to build my community. So I went out, bought a bunch of books on online conversions and building a side business, and the DotComSecrets book is the number 1 book I found

It is written by Russel Brunson, the CEO of Clickfunnels click here for a 14 day free trial of Clickfunnels). He has used his data from building his website building program to write a 250+ page manual on making your website look better, drive more traffic and more importantly convert better.

After all, what is the point in driving 500 people to your affiliate page, where you simply tell them “here is an awesome product, you should buy it”, and they then just leave? Russell’s book will show you the tips and tricks that you need to convert, and help turn your blog into a better form of provision for your family!

So what does the book look into? Check it out – if you buy yourself the DotComSecrets book, you will get expert advice on:

  • Russell’s top 5 methods for getting people to buy higher-end products.
  • How to build your mailing list with a simple 2 step form
  • How to generate thousands of pre-qualified leads – basically, how to ensure that you’re creating traffic to your website that is actually going to convert!
  • The “5minute bump test” – how to increase conversions (by as much as 33%!) in products and services that you’re already selling. Basically – how to optimize the content that you’ve already written

Dads, this book works. Believe me. It is tried and true, and it has helped thousands of people increase their traffic and build their companies. My dream is to be fully self-employed by 2020, and I really do think that by implementing the tools in Russell’s book, that I will get there. I trust that this will happen to you too.

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So I am no longer an upcoming dad…

SO! A bit of an update for my readers. Sunday 4th November 2018 at 5.12am my world changed. After hours of stealing the gas and air when Heather wasn’t looking, and attempting to watch as much Netflix as the contractions would allow, my son was born.

Ezra Joshua Woods

The light of my life.

For the next couple days things are going to be slow on the blog and on social media. Ezra is my first child so I not only want the time to bond, but I need the time to learn – being a dad isn’t all nerf guns and playtime. I learnt that VERY quickly.

I will attempt to get some posts out when I can (when Ezra and Heather are sleeping mostly), but Ezra is my priority for now. Thank you for being patient and understanding.

Make sure to subscribe by the way to get email updates of new posts – soon I’m going to write about how the labour was and what it was like. Try to give dads an idea of what to expect – because it was NOT what I expected. Every moment of the labour was incredible, and so surreal. I felt like I was in a dream the whole time. For upcoming dads, you need to hear this!!

Thanks for your patience guys. Have a great day

Are you interested in writing a guest post for Upcoming Dad?

Whats going on Daddy-OH! As you know I am fully committed towards building the community of new dads, and seeing each and every one of us grow into our full potential.

This is where you come in!

I am always happy to have my readers contribute towards this community, and speak out with their own voice, on a topic that they are passionate about; as such you are all invited to guest write for upcomingdad.com. Your content will be published in the Guest Content section, as well as in the category of your choice!

Every guest post will also be shared out across all of our social media platforms, and if you have your own blog, we will link to your social media accounts and website. We want to build your blog/business just as much as our own. We’re in this together lads!

If you’re interested in guest blogging then send an email to upcomingdad@gmail.com with the subject line “Guest post request”.

Take care guys!