Baby sleeping tips: How to overcome sleepless nights

Wow, this was one heck of a 2 month period. Sleep training is NOT easy but so satisfying once you make your way through it

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We’re 7 months on and our little angel is struggling with sleep. Ezra is happy and joyful all the way through the day, but come 5am, we’re up with him screaming. So with this in mind, we had to do something, and what we decided to do was to start sleep training him.

We tried everything, from creating routines to buying black-out blinds (this didn’t help Ezra but OH MY GOSH this made the biggest difference in our lives), from weaning him to increasing the amount that he sleeps during the day. Nothing seemed to work and it was bringing us to the brink. And yeah, we then decided to make a big decision that some people are going to judge us for – we paid for a sleep consultant.

Now before you jump in the air and raise your pitchforks (just like both of our parents did), this helped a little, but it didn’t fix the problem completely. Here is a little summary of what we did:

  1. Regulate his naps – now Ezra falls asleep at the same time everyday
  2. Regulate his diet – now Ezra eats at the same time everyday
  3. Go to bed at the same time with the same routine
  4. Wake at the same time each day
  5. Repeat

The best part of this? We were able to remove his afternoon nap to give Heather more of a life (more time to go out to see people and do things). It also allowed us to begin the weaning process properly and have a set routine.

What was the worst part about this?

We had no aftercare support. We paid more than we should we have for the support from this consultant, but once our time was up, we were left high and dry, without a clue what to do, how to progress forward or what to do next. This was a huge disappointment. So I went online to try and find something to help fix this problem, and I found Baby Sleep Miracle, which is a step by step instructional to help children sleep.

From what I’ve gathered, it is not aimed at just young babies, but for at least the first couple of years of your child’s life. It has helped us more than paying for 1-2-1 support for 2 weeks, and has cost us about £150 LESS too.

The reason why this has helped so much more is because you have the step by step guide there if something isn’t working – it is like having a user manual sitting and waiting for you to check the next step.

This is NOT a magic instant fix though – we had to work towards getting a good sleep routine for Ezra. It did not change immediately and we did have some hard nights, but working on it has paid off, and that is why I’ve come back to blogging to tell you that this will make life so much more comfortable for you.

Our main problem was making sure that Ezra would fall asleep on us before we would put him into his crib, and so each time he hit the end of a sleep cycle, he would wake up and cry, scared of where he was and why we weren’t there. He would then wake up at 4.30/5am every morning and keep us awake crying whilst we tried to calm him until we started our day at 6.30am. When we implemented the teaching in Baby Sleep Miracle we were able to start to get him into his crib AWAKE and happy, but not too awake that he wouldn’t fall asleep quickly once he had been put down. It was this fine line that meant that we had to pay attention to his triggers – namely when he started to rub his eyes or grab his ears, but would still smile and giggle whenever we sung babyshark (do do do do do do) – and this laughing is a big part of the sleep routine in this book.

If your child is struggling with sleep, then I cannot recommend this enough. I said from the very beginning of being a Dad, that whenever I found something that made a difference to my life and my family, that I was going to share it with the world.

Please share this post as much as you can and help people who are having problems with their baby’s sleeping. This program really does make the difference – this program will change your life.

Want to pick up a copy?

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of this program, you can get your version by following this affiliate link here. You can get a copy for only $37. If you pick up a copy quickly then there are a bunch of freebies that you can get with it, such as the Night Teror Stopper or the Double Trouble Sleeping Struggle for families with twins. These freebies won’t be around forever, and they’re worth a combined $200 – so its all worth it for $37!

Once you’ve read the program and implemented it, drop a comment below and let me know what you think

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