New Dads Questions Answered – A Masterclass in How to Write an eBook, & A Survival Guide for New Dads Everywhere

If you’re looking for a book that is going to provide you with a simplistic breakdown of how to be the best dad possible, then New Dad’s Questions Answered is the book for you. I wish that this was released during our pregnancy, because there are so many little snippets around finding a name, or buying things for the baby, that are the stresses that we endured, and the author Stuart Hood provides little tips and tricks for them in this book. 

The book is raw and honest, and covers the life experiences of Stuart, and whilst every child is going to be brought up differently, with their own problems and their own quirks, this book is more reassuring than anything else. You may not have the same experiences as him, but you will definitely be able to apply Stuart’s experiences to your own in some capacity.

The books writing style and language is extremely approachable. It is funny, to the point and has little ‘fluff’ to pad it out and break away from the real point of the conversation. The “chapters” are 1-5 page long answers to the burning questions that dads are going to have. If you’re ever planning to write an eBook, then I’d advise this style – it makes everything a LOT easier to understand. 

My experience of parenting so far has been a bit of firefighting. Baby Ezra has been quite ill in his 10 weeks on this earth, which has made it difficult to create a routine. So for my wife and I, we have often thought “we will deal with this problem now and then when the next thing comes along, we can tackle that at the time”. I knew that there would be specific things to deal with, like lack of sleep (for us, and for baby Ezra), returning to work, changes in food causing problems, or weening…teething…girlfriends…mortgages (I might be thinking a bit far ahead with some of these) but having read Stuart’s book, it became apparent that I just didn’t consider some things that absolutely seem logical! 

I guess that number 1 would be changing nappies once Baby Ezra starts wriggling around more, or rolling over. I didn’t think that it would get any more difficult… but apparently I was wrong to think that! With this in mind, I would recommend the book even if it just gets you to think about what is coming. I definitely read the book with that mindset from this point on. 

So what is the number one bit of advice that the book provides? In my opinion, it is the advice to look through dad websites. I did a lot of this before Ezra was born, and whilst I was on paternity leave, but when I returned to work I absolutely stopped. 

Yes, I have a strong dad community around me, but its not the same as something like – which has changed my life in the past week!

New Dad’s Questions Answered is, in my opinion, at it’s more raw and honest (which, lets be honest, is what we need from Dad books and websites… no fluffy BS but real experiences written in real ways) when Stuart explains his experience around finding new dad mates, and how difficult this was for him. It also led to my favourite quote from the entire book

“brave? It a baby class, not a public back sack and crack waxing!”

Whats the verdict?

This is the best parenting book that I have read due to the approachable writing style, and short 1-5 page “chapters”. Each answers a specific question, so you can either search for what you’re looking for or just read it from start to finish. I found that I could pick it up for 10minutes on my lunch break and then get back to work!

I’ve learnt so much from this book and would recommend it to anyone. Please head on over to this affiliate link and pick up a copy for yourself. This is a £5 well spent (and if you really think about it, £5 is just 2 less trips to Starbucks this week! All of the knowledge in this book is worth bringing your own coffee to work for a couple of days). 

I really have to thank Stuart for giving me a copy of his book. I’ve learnt so much, and it is nice to know that I’m not alone in my patenting insecurities. I really recommend that you purchase this book and learn from Stuart on a daily basis! The man is an excellent father and an all around nice guy. My review of his book is late due to my sons health (its been a rough 10 weeks for baby Ezra!), and he has been so gracious with the delay. 

Thank you Stuart for everything you’ve taught me, and I hope that everyone that reads this post is going to run out and pick up a copy for themselves. You will NOT regret it. 

I would rate this book 5/5 stars

Want to pick up a copy?

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of this book, you can get it on Kindle by following this affiliate link here. You can get a copy for your kindle for only £4.99. It has a lot of advice for post-birth and can be really helpful in the future. 

Link –

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