‘Naturebond ‘ – The Perfect Manual Breast Pump for Daddy Bonding for an Incredible Price

Bonding with your baby is so important, but as we don’t have boobs, us Dads can’t do a lot during feeding times. Naturebond is an easy to use pump that allows Mum to easily express the milk that Dad can feed with. The best thing is that it is really affordable too. You can pick one up on Amazon for only £12.99!

How does it work?

Naturebond is effectively a suction cup breast pump that mimics the feed of a baby latching on to mum. This allows for a steady stream of milk to be expressed, that can either immediately be put into a sterilised bottle and fed by Dad, or put in the fridge for future use.

It is made from silicon, and therefore is moldable – you simply squeeze the bottle and then attach it onto Mum’s breast. The suction mimics your baby and the milk will start to flow! A great thing is that because it is a suction, you can leave it to dangle and it will hang on whilst it is doing all of the work. This becomes a little more difficult when it is filling up because the weight may cause it to fall though.

One of the big benefits is that if your baby won’t latch, then you can still provide them with all of the benefits of breast milk whilst bottle feeding. Some Mums may struggle to not be able to breastfeed, but this way we, and Mum,  know that baby is still getting everything they need from the action, without actually doing it.

How can we use it as Dads?

What I found is that whilst baby Ezra is feeding off one breast, I could hold the Naturebond, express 20-40ml of milk, and save it for a night time feed, and allow my wife to get some rest.


You can clean it easily with a washing up brush and some soapy water. Because it is silicon it is really easy to clean too. Remember that you NEED TO dry this off properly though. Do NOT forget to do this.

If you have a steriliser (a good Tommie Tippee steriliser can be found here) then throw this in there too. Just to make it doubly safe. At the time of this post, the steriliser kit is only £59.99, down from £159.99, so you HAVE to pick one up if you need one. You won’t get one this cheap again for a while.

Where are the problems?


This is really important – You need to not overuse it

Using a breast pump can lead to an overproduction of milk. Mums body might think that it has to feed twins if you do this too regularly, so you’ll end up with too much milk and the boobs can have a bit of a constant leak. Not only that but it can lead to some engorgement which may cause Mum some pain. The way to get around this is to only express when her body is ready to feed, but your baby isn’t. We use it every night at around 3am – I use the previous night’s milk with Ezra, and Heather will express then. This just makes it a bit easier on her in the long run.

Also, there is a big spill risk. My wife had a massive milk supply (about 40ml) and it lost suction… we ended up changing the bed at around 4 in the morning because the sheets were covered in breast milk! Whilst you can just leave it suctioned to the boob and get on with what you were doing, I’d advise holding it as much as possible.

The spillage shouldn’t be a problem, but if you struggle with your supply then this is a BIG risk as it can lead to you not having enough for baby at this time.

What’s the verdict?

This is an affordable product with excellent versatility. It’s cheaper than a full-on breast pump and a hell of a lot more compact than other pumps. It does have downfalls, but these are all easily overcome.

I would advise anyone to use a Naturebond, because we use one, and I wouldn’t allow my wife and son to use it if I didn’t feel that it was safe and useful.

It is extremely compact and can be carried anywhere without bother – just keep some sterilised containers for the supply wherever you go (if you pick up the kit from this link, then you will get a supply of 6 pots that can be used).

If you can’t afford to get a proper breast pump, then the Naturebond is everything that you need. There is a real use in the world for a Naturebond, so you should definitely pick one up. As it is only £12.99, there isn’t a huge risk of lost money if you end up not expressing much in the future.

Due to the spillage risk and the always present risk that comes with pumping and expressing, I rate this product a 3.5/5 – although it could easily be a 4.5/5 due to the incredible price.

Want to pick one up?

Amazon is the easiest place to go to pick up a Naturebond. Only £12.99 and is available with Prime delivery.

Link = amazon.co.uk


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