Being Thrifty – How using the QMee Browser Extension can save you money when the baby is here

qmee1When your baby is here, you will need to save every penny that you can. Maybe not for now, but definitely when they start to grow so quickly that some clothes may only be worn once! This may be looking quite a way in the future, but it is never too early to start looking. Even from the early days, saving every penny is so important. Even if you’re in a well paying job, you have another  mouth to feed and little person to protect.

So how can you maximise your savings without spending hours comparing Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s for beans and cheese prices? Well…


Another of the easy ‘background’ extensions that you can add onto your browser is Qmee. Similar to Honey, you install Qmee onto your browser, and it will pop up when it can save you some money.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.52.50

The way that it works, is you do a search on Google, Amazon, eBay etc. and when Qmee can find you a referral link, you click it and money is sent your way. It is only about £0.04 – £0.10 per click, but over time it builds up. On my laptop, I have built up £13.68, and thats all from adding an extra 15seconds to my web search, and my wife has accrued around £8.50.

When Qmee finds a series of links for you to click, a bar will appear on the left hand side of your page -simply click the link and the money is added to your wallet. Over time this will build up. It won’t make you a millionaire, but similar to Honey (see my post around Honey here), this money is better in your pocket than anyone elses!


Qmee also has a bunch of coupons and vouchers that will appear. As of late, there are more of these than the penny drip feed, but this can in fact says you more money than the money that you get given – you just don’t necessarily see the difference. I’m culprit of ignoring these, but I’m doing my best not to.

Finally they have added a survey section to the site. This isn’t the best way to make some money, but if you’re sat watching Netflix in the 30minutes between feeds, then this is something you can do in the background. You get small amounts of money for filling in these surveys, so keep going with them and build up your wallet faster. 

You can install Qmee on Chrome, Firefox or Opera (although why you’re using Opera I don’t know!!). They have removed the Safari functionality (which is annoying as a Mac user), but this might push you towards using Chrome, which is generally a better browser (again, this is what it is doing for me). You can fill in the surveys on any browser.

If you’re interested in joining Qmee, then please use my referral code – this will massively help out the blog and my family. If you use my referral link, you will have £0.50 added to your account on set up – a treat on me!

Have a great day guys!
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