Being Thrifty – How using the Honey Browser Extension can save you money when the baby is here

When your baby is here, you will need to save every penny that you can. Maybe not for now, but definitely when they start to grow so quickly that some clothes might only get worn once! This may be looking quite a way in the future, but it is never too early to start looking. Even from the early days, saving every penny is so important. Even if you’re in a well paying job, you have another mouth to feed and little person to protect.

So how can you maximise your savings without spending hours comparing Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s for beans and cheese prices? Well…


There are simple little tools and extensions that you can add to your web browsers that will kick in automatically when they can save you some money, or make you some money. The one I want to talk about today is called Honey

Honey is a web browser extension that helps you out with your online shopping. It is an extension that can be added to Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge, and is something that you can install and forget about until it is ready to help you. It takes 2-3minutes to install and it is all savings and profit from there. There are no joining or subscription feeds – so there is absolutely no harm in joining.

It will pop up when you’re heading towards the checkout of website like eBay and Amazon (and so many more – you’d be surprised at where this browser app can save you money) and shout “Oi Steven, I can save you 8% here!”. When you get to your checkout, Honey will pop up and give you the option to run through some coupon codes, and it will try to save you some money. It will roam the internet to find every coupon available and will show you the best one – whether it is £10 off or save 25% – either way, money in your pocket is better than profit in Amazons!

However, the pop up will some times say “we weren’t able to find anything for you”. A bit of a shame, but you can’t always win. This shouldn’t turn you off though, I’ve saved around £115 from Honey so far, and this is growing every day (although, I need to cut down my online shopping – so I might come back and change this to say “every week” soon :D).

It has recently started to get some extra functionality. You can add products to your Honey Droplist, and you will get a notification when the product starts to drop in price. 

This is paired with a pricing graph that shows you the varying price history of products on sites like Amazon, that has moving prices that mimic the stock market. This may not save you thousands, but will have you £20 here and there. 

With every voucher used on Honey, you are also rewarded with Honey Gold. This works out at around 1gold for £0.01 – these can be used to cash in for some exclusive deals. You need 1,000gold to cash out, but this is the long game here. Honey gold is in addition to the money you’re saving in check out, so saving this up is easy and not something that you should turn your nose up at. 

If you’re interested in joining Honey, then please use my referral code – this will massively help out the blog and my family. 

Have a great day guys!

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