The Best Video Baby Monitor under £100 in 2018

hb32-1The incredible HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor HB32 is, in our opinion, the best baby monitor on the market. Before our little Peanut was born, we spent a lot of time looking for a baby monitor, and of all of the options that we looked through, the HelloBaby HB32 is the one that has stood out for us. It is the best value for money on the market under £100.

Before I start looking into the product – you may get a lot of feedback from friends and family, who say that you don’t need a baby monitor before your little one comes along (as they will basically be stuck to your side for the first 6 months); however, I would disagree. You are much more likely to have the expendable cash before the baby comes, so this is the perfect time to afford the best quality product.

Why is it so awesome?

I can’t speak for the smaller sizes, but our experience of the HB32 shows that this really is an awesome baby monitor. I’m sure that the camera quality, microphone and infrared are all built with the same quality as the larger size. 

  • The screen comes in 3 different sizes 2.0”, 2.5” and 3.2” (we bought the 3.2”). The monitor is only 522g, and so the smaller sizes are likely to be significantly lighter than this. 
  • The baby monitor has an LCD screen on the portable video monitor, and the camera has infrared night vision and temperature monitoring. The image quality is excellent during daylight – absolutely fantastic. But the night vision camera isn’t the best I’ve ever seen. Its hard to make things out (at first anyway) but eventually you will know what to look out for. 
  • 2x zoom – for upcoming first time dads, you won’t be able to appreciate this (yet!) but having the function to zoom in on your baby’s face and just watch them breath is incredible. This is my favourite part of the device, and probably the number 1 reason we went for this product. 
  • Has two-way-talking function. Not only can you hear your little one, but you or your baby-mama can sing a lullaby to them from a different room. Or you can play a prank on her whilst she’s changing the baby, and speak down the microphone at a random point!…I haven’t done this yet, and will let you know how it goes when I do!
  • Warranty – comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Sensitive microphone – the microphone is extremely sensitive and will help you be able to pay attention to the most minuet of sounds, even small rolling sounds. Possibly the best function of the device is that it starts to auto-mute the microphone once the volume gets to below 50db for 7seconds. This can help to give you peace of mind that your little’un is perfectly safe, sound and asleep. But as soon as there is noise again it will pick it up. 
  • Value for money – More or less the same video and sound quality as top of the range monitors like Amazon Echo or Motorola monitors. Both produce great sound quality, direct camera angles and an easy to use hud.hb32-3
  • Temperature Marking – We have a Gro Egg in our nursery to help make sure that the room is at the perfect heat – definitely also advise these. But this monitor will show you the room temperature at any time so you can keep an eye on whats best for your baby, even downstairs.

What is it missing?

  • NO mobile functionality. There are options available like the Fredi Wireless Monitor that can be set up with your smartphone, rather than having a specific monitor screen for the camera. However, whilst this has some convenience, such as checking on your baby from the office, having a specific monitor screen in the house is the best way to go. But really, the extra functionality would be nice. This is my main problem with the product.
  • A big house could be a bit of a problem – Depending on the size of your house, you may not be able to stay connected with the camera. Yes, you’d need to have a HUGE house for the 960ft range to be a problem, but there are people out there that would experience this problem. 
  • Camera angles only tilt 120degrees, and it has to be sat on the base. What I would have liked is to have the camera be able to be fixed to the wall and have the angle completely adjusted. It is slightly limited, but for 99% of people out there, this isn’t a problem. I only raise it as I would have preferred some extra functionality. 


Whats the verdict?

Well… we bought one, so we think its great! It is significantly better than an Amazon Alexa, and it has a better screen and clearer picture quality than other baby monitors like the Zeepin SP880 or Motorola Digital Video Monitor MBP35XLC. 

It might take a couple of days to get used to the night vision, but persevere. 

The HelloBaby HB32 has great value for money (we bought the 3.2” screen), and it has five years warranty to keep you going. The product is designed with a sleeping baby in mind, which is why it works so well. 
Whilst you cannot connect the monitor up to your smart phone, this baby monitor is still highly rated, with great audio and even better picture. 

We rate this 4/5 stars

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 16.04.04

Want to pick one up?

I’ve checked through the internet, and the best place to find the HB32 is on Amazon. You can pick up all 4 sizes between £59.99 and £99.99. If you have Amazon prime you can get free next day delivery too!

Link = 

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