Welcome to ​Upcoming Dad!

What’s going on new dads and dads to be! My name is Jack and welcome to Upcomingdad.com

I’m a new dad and someone who needed a lot of advice and guidance in the build-up to the big day of my little one. This motivated me to want to build a community – a website that can bring new dads into conversation with one another to share advice, tips and tricks.

I’ve spent time and effort researching the best way to build your blogs, your businesses and how to make more money for your household. This blog has all of the information that you need to increase your conversion rates. But why should you trust me? Well, I’ve worked in digital marketing since 2012 and spent a lot of time in Conversion Rate Optimisation. Focusing on the application of small website changes to make a big difference. Using my knowledge from my day job, I want to bring more traffic, more engagement and more conversions to your blogs – so make sure you pay attention to the tips and tricks I bring!

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Being a dad to a newborn is the most incredible time of your life – especially for first-time fathers. The beauty of watching your child enter the world, holding them for the first time, and the overwhelming feeling that you would do anything to keep them safe. I can’t wait to help you in these early days, and I can’t wait to hear your stories from their birth to their first steps.

We’re in this together guys – lets get parenting!

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